ILCS 1170 Lecture 7: 1091-1285 Continuted

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1091-1285 Continuted
William the II did not have and heir
Sicily at this time still included the south tip of italy
Above the kingdom of sicily is the Holy Roman Empire
Concern that the Roman empire will attempt to take over
Secular power
Popes will align with the Emperors in order to spread Christianity
Because William II has no heirs, the Roman takeover is imminent
William’s Aunt Constance married to King Henry (Son of Holy Roman Empire)
1194 on Christmas Day Henry crowns himself King of Sicily,
On the same day his son, Frederick II, is born
This will be the heir
And Constance want to prove that it is hers so she has a public birth on
Dec. 26
1197 Emperor Henry VI dies
Frederick II is only 3 years old so he can’t take over
And Constance dies when Frederick is 4
Grows up an orphan - “child of Palermo”
Barons take power officially
Hohenstaufen (Swabian) Rulers
Emperor Henry VI
Frederick II (Stupor Mundi)
At age 4 he is crowned
At 18 he is king of german territory
Inherits sicily and the german kingdom
Pope’s don’t want this
Conradin (son of Conrad) killed at 16 by Charles d’ Anjou
Frederick II
1220: at 26 years old he is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope
Promises that he will not be the one ruling over german territory
Makes promises but does not take orders from the pope
Excommunicated a couple of times
Not a supporter christianity
In sicily he takes back power from the barons
Reinstates strict feudalism
Rigid redefining of class
Takes back the land that the pope took from him as a child
Demands a centralized form of rule
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