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Lecture 3

MGMT 3101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Mary Parker Follett, Corporate Social Responsibility, Theory X And Theory YPremium

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MGMT 3101
Lucy Gilson

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MGMT Lecture 3:
Mary Parker Follett
One of the extremely limited number of women in management
Tried to prove her point which was, that people are motivated to work even if they
don’t need to
Theory X
People by nature cannot be trusted
People are lazy and need to be punished
Theory Y
Do all the companies follow Theory Y
Depends who is on top, but most companies want to implement theory Y
Creates positive organizational behavior
Human Capital
Investing into personal growth of the workers
Ex: If a company pays for its employees to go back to school to get a degree
Social Capital
People need to know each other better in order to work better
Ex: Social events
Contingency Approach
Managers and companies need to be flexible
This is called utilizing contingency approach
Exercise January 31, 2018
Explain in terms of human and social capital, How you would promote or sell yourself fin that
Extracurricular activities social capital
Club activities
Education human capital
Academic achievements human capital
Prior work experience -
Volunteer experience - social
Human Capital
Participation in professional extracurricular experience
Extra coursework (international business)
Certifications or professional
Study abroad experience
Social capital
Benefits from mentoring relationship
Any course work that involved team-based activities/work
Participation in any extracurricular activities
Corporate social responsibility
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