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Lecture 1

MGMT 3101 Lecture 1: MGMT Lecture 1- Interview skills

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MGMT 3101
Lucy Gilson

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12418 Preparation for the interview 1. Research the company thoroughly Primary research: data not published, would get this by talking to employees Secondary research: Research found through onlinewebsites 2. Have complimentary things to say Plan these know what you are going to say Talk about how great company is and how great products are 3. Be confident and enthusiastic SWOT, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats 4. Be prepared to talk about your strengths and weaknesses The sign of healthy economy is 4 unemployment and 7 is the sign of recession, 10 is the sign of depression 5. Expect questions about difficult situations you have faced, or problems you have solved 6. Have examples of successful experience with groups and teams 7. Talk about your hobbies 8. Questions to ask Can you tell me more about your training programs? How performance is measured and reviewed? The possibilities of promotion? Is the company facing any major challenges I dont know about?
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