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Lecture 9

MUSI 1001 Lecture 9: Musi 1001 notes 9

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MUSI 1001
Heather De Savage

Musi 1001 Notes 9 LateBaroque Vocal Music Handels Operas >Louis XIV King of France (r.16431715) The Sun King The Music of Absolutism Music necessary part of court life Patronage: financial support of an artist, musician, etc. by a wealthy individual Opera: expensive, spectacular entertainment Tributes to noble patrons In France, ballet was included Jean Baptiste Lully (16321687) Court composer of King Louis XIV Italy: Opera Seria (3 ACTS) Serious opera First popular in Italy Designed to stir powerful emotions Tragic plots from history and mythology Almost entirely solo singing Recitatives and arias Elevated entertainment Italy: Opera Buffa (2 ACTS) Comic opera first popular in Italy Everyday characters Servant; Lord of the manor, etc. Aristocrats= buffoons; servants= clever, carrying out elaborate plots Sitcom of the opera world La Sena Padrona (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, 1733) George Fredrick Hendel (16851759) German composer, conductor Worked in Italy for 1 year. Successful career in London Court musician for King George I Opera manager Oratorio
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