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Lecture 10

MUSI 1001 Lecture 10: Musi 1001 notes 10

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University of Connecticut
MUSI 1001
Heather De Savage

Musi 1001 Notes 10 Two Kinds of Recitatives 1. Secco Recitative dry recitative Singer and basso continuo Default style of recitative 2. Accompanied Recitative Singer and full ensemble Reserved for very dramatic moments Messiah, There were shepherds Combines both styles Baroque Vocal Genres Opera: secular Oratorio: sacred Cantata: secular or sacred >All tell story through Arias, recitatives, and choruses; instrumental music J.S Bach (18651750) A WellRegulated Church Music Bach: cantor on Leipzig, Germany Goal to have at least 3 years worth of music ready to go Cycle through the calendar without the music growing stale More than 200 church cantatas known today Typical Bach Cantata (sacred): [Possibly instrumental prelude] Chorus soprano, alto, tenor, bass Solo or duet recitative or aria Solo or duet aria or recitative Chorus midpoint of cantata Solo or duet aria or recitative Solo or duet recitative or aria Chorus The Lutheran Chorale: Chorale (genre) Monophonic melody in German Similar to plainchant but has rhythm and is more melodic Martin Luther in 16 century ABA Formal Structure Martin Luther 1524
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