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Lecture 21

PNB 2264 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Tears, Vasoconstriction, Tachycardia

Physiology and Neurobiology
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PNB 2264

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Notes Day 21
- Outflow of info form the CNS through spinal and cranial nerves
- Key to control homeostasis to the body
- Autonomic doesn’t mean automatic, it means at an unconscious level
- Keeps us operating without thinking about it
- Unconscious reflex internal homeostasis
o Negative feedback loops
- Respond to stimulus external and internal
- Separate divisions
o Parasympathetic
o Sympathetic
o enteric
- somatic nervous system control skeletal muscle
- ANS and SNS can be found within the same nerves
- SNS (somatic)
o Skeletal muscle, excitatory
o 1st neuron from CNS and spinal cord motor nuclei
o one synapse
o myelinated, Ach neurotransmitter
- wide range of tissues, excitatory and inhibitory
- 1st neuron extends from CNS to ganglia
o collection of cell bodies outside of CNS
- originates in CNS and spinal cord
- Two synapses: 1st neuron and 2nd neuron; 2nd neuron with tissue
o Preganglionic and postganglionic neurons
- Partially myelinated
- Several different neurotransmitters
- Functional division
o Parasympathetic and sympathetic
- Different origins of 1st neuron
- Different locations of ganglia
- Different neurotransmitters
- Different pre and post ganglionic cell axonal length
- 5/6 neurotransmitters used in para and sympathetic neurons
- only other one is norepinephrine/epinephrine
- cholinergic : acetylcholine
- adrenergic : NE/E
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