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Political Science
POLS 1402
Brenna Bridwell

Cierra Thompson POLS1402 Extra Credit: District 9 03/09/17 The film, “District 9” by Neill Blomkamp takes place in the 1980s, in which an alien ship arrives and hovers over the city Johannesburg, South Africa. The government discovered a large group of aliens who are malnourished and sick. However, the aliens were very cooperative and meant no harm. Patience over the alien situation among the human population of Johannesburg has run out and control over them has been contracted to Multi-National United (MNU) causing the human race to become impulsive, alien power was spreading throughout the human race causing anarchy, the alien’s existence was causing fear in people in which effected the power distribution, and lack of information on the aliens such as the alien race’s true name were not known causing lack of trust. This leads me to the idea that the theory that would best represent the film “District 9” would be “Neorealism”. Neorealism would best represent this movie due to its increase in security and protection (offensive realism), in which is one of the aspects of Neorealism. In neorealism, due to the competition for security, states will achieve fluctuating layers of capability. The MNU's motive and reason was towards their interest in the aliens' extreme, precocious weaponry. The government maximizes its power by working with the military to gain control of the aliens, while 1 trying to make the alien’s a market. The creatures are given permission to leave the ship and live on Earth, however, they are brought into a gruesome, wretched government camp. Corwdedness and militarization eventually turn the area into a tenement housing known as “District 9”. Meanwhile, an extensive black market is created between the aliens and a group of Nigerians primarily led by “Mumbo”, a palsied warlord. In addition to inter-species adultery, the Nigerians exchange canned cat food for alien weapons. This can also relate to national interest because the government was seeking to expand their capabilities in which they strived for security. They would be able to use the alien race for their weaponry to fight for survival. Being able to communicate and assess the aliens as “workers” made the government have the scope and ambition to have the opportunity to rise to a higher level of capability, in which they can become the hegemon. Neorealism would also best represent this movie due to lack of information on the aliens in which causes lack of trust. The government and people could not trust them because they had come out of nowhere and they couldn’t really know their intentions, have access to any information, or know the alien race’s aspects. The ship hovered above the city for three months without any contact, in which caused humans to get hasty and take the initiative and cut into the ship. Usually war occurs from lack of information, however, the government didn’t believe the aliens were bad so they just confined them, in which is why I believe neorealism would be a great theory to represent this film. I believe neorealism would represent this movie better than classical realism because classical realism believes in the concepts that everyone is bad and you can’t trust them. However, neorealism does not believe everyone is bad, but more so can’t trust anyone due to lack of informa
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