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Lecture 9

PSYC 1100 Lecture 9: Perception

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PSYC 1100
Eric Lundquist

Perception ● Feature-detector story (two girls, 1 cup): Black background with white features or white background and black features ● Distal stimulus (thing in world) → reflected light → proximal stimulus (retinal image) ● Retinal Image: stimulation of receptors produces sensations of brightness and colors. Then light sensations must be interpreted as objects. - Perception is knowledge of world (experience of objects and events) based on sensations. Sensations come from the retinal image. - You’re seeing wavelengths, colors (stimulus) which are projected onto the retina in the back of the eye which signals neurons to fire. - Need to be able to interpret a pattern of activity (recognizing a chair) ● Proximal stimulus (retinal) image is inadequate for knowing about distal stimulus. Three problems with the proximal image: 1. Inverted: Image of object is upside down on retina. 2. Ambiguous: Size and distance trade off (close up small object has same image as far off image) 3. Two-dimensional: The image is flattened and then curved, but objects are three dimensional solids. - Basically, perception doesn’t happen in the eye, it happens in the brain. Depth Perception ● Hermann von Helmholtz (trichromatic theory)(measures speed of nerve impulse): Start with retinal image, but it is not accurate view of the world. However, there are cues (depth) that go along with an image. Add knowledge/inferences of structure
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