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Lecture 7

SOCI 1501W Lecture 7: SOCI1501W RR7

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SOCI 1501W
Dennis Breslin

Tegan Ward SOCI1501W Readers Response 7 Oppression Question: Are women the only ones being oppressed? Answer: No. Many extreme feminists claim the 0.75 to a mans 1 argument as their strongest proof of oppression, unfortunately for them that argument is completely discredited when the fact women take off of work more to take care of children, they tend to work in jobs that dont involve a lot of science and math which tend to pay less in general regardless of gender, and they have to take maternity leave because biologically if they want children (unless they adopt) they have to. The previous fight for women equality has shamefully and disappointingly become male shaming in a war on men to win women supremacy. Proving Manhood Quote: Pornography, homophobia, and the morning sports section become crucial proving grounds where masculinity is tested and asserted. Analysis: When men act like men they are rewarded with recognition of manhood from friends. When girls act like men they are scolded for acting gross or crude. When men act girly they are made fun of for not being a real man. What society has yet to realize and act on is that all of these gender role expectations are out of date. Girls can play football and men can do ballet.
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