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Lecture 8

SOCI 1501W Lecture 8: SOCI1501W RR8

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SOCI 1501W
Dennis Breslin

Tegan Ward SOCI11501W November 5, 2016 Readers Response 8 Plus Ca Change: Question: What criteria do you use to define white? Answer: The reading states that in 1924 the statute defined a White person as one with no trace whatsoever of blood other than Caucasian. Genetically this may be supported, however what I believe now, with the wide acceptance of interracial couples, is that the blood line does not define white and black, it is just the physical appearance of skin color. I also think that based on the color of skin, certain job opportunities, class, and social expectations define how people view white versus black. Ultimately skin color should not matter in an ideal world. Blink in Black and White: Comment: It is interesting how the quick thinking tests changed in difficulty. Knowing that this was designed to prove it took longer to place career related words under the female category I did so naturally, however if I were to be given the test blindly it would have taken a moment to do so. This shows that we stereotype genders automatically due to social norms. When will we break these social norms and the categories of men and women will disappear into just human? See Baby Discriminate: Question: Is it worse for children to grow up color blind or with recognition to difference in race but with the understanding that it makes no difference in people.
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