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Lecture 10

SOCI 1501W Lecture 10: Soci1501w notes 10

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SOCI 1501W
Dennis Breslin

Soci1501w Notes 10 10 Myths About Legacy Preferences in College Admissions By: Richard D. Kahlenberg 1. Legacy preferences are just a tiebreaker in close calls. 2. Legacy preferences have an honorable history of fostering loyalty at Americas great institutions of higher learning. 3. Legacy preferences are a necessary evil to support the financial vitality of colleges and universitiesincluding the ability to provide scholarships for lowincome and workingclass students. 4. After a generation of affirmative action, legacy preferences are finally beginning to help families of color. Pulling the rug out now would hurt minority students. 5. An attack on legacy preferences could indirectly hurt affirmativeaction policies by suggesting that merit is the only permissible basis for admissions. 6. Legacy preferences may be unfair, but they are not illegal. Unlike discrimination based on race, which is forbidden under the 14 Amendment, it is perfectly legal to discriminate based on legacy status, as the courts have held. 7. Legacy preferenceslike affirmative action, geographic preferences, and athletics preferencesare protected by academic freedom, especially at private universities and colleges. 8. Legacy preferences have been around a long time and are unlikely to ever go away, because powerful political forces support them. 9. Legacy preferences dont keep nonlegacy applicants out of college entirely. They just reduce the chances of going to a particular selective college, so the stakes are low. 10.Everyone does it. Legacies are just an inherent reality in higher education throughout the world. NONE OF THE ABOVE STATEMENTS ARE TRUE!
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