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Lecture 8

SOCI 1501W Lecture 8: Soci1501w notes 8

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SOCI 1501W
Dennis Breslin

Soci1501w Notes 8 AGREE OR DISAGREE? Essentialist Beliefs about Social Class (Kraus and Keltner, 2013) 1. A child from a higher class can be easily picked our from a group of lower class children. 2. It is easy to figure out another persons social class just by looking at them. 3. A persons social class is easy to figure out when they are from another country. 4. I think even if everyone wore the same clothing, people would still be able to tell your social class. 5. Other peoples social class is easy to figure out. 6. Children probably learn about social class automatically, without much help from adults. 7. A persons social class does not change from their social class at birth. 8. Social class is partly biological. 9. Even after centuries, families will have the same social class as now. 10.It is possible to determine ones social class by examining their genes.
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