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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 1104
Terri Smith

Cierra Thompson WGSS 1104 Reflection Paper 04/04/17 My reflection paper is on the article, “F-A- T: Carolee Schneemann, From Tape no. 2 for “Kitch’s Last Meal” 1973, F-A-T, pp 33-37. [p 26 in Second Edition, 2015]”. In this article, she documents experiencing meeting another filmmaker who was a guy. She begins the article by stating, “I met a happy man, a structuralist filmmaker”. She explains what her film is concerned with and her purpose behind her artwork. Her film engages with the ways in which art and life intertwine in the domestic cohabitation of two artists with markedly dissimilar practices. According to the first part of her art work, Schneemann pursued an openly autobiographical trajectory in her work. She shifted her emphasis even further than before with Kitch, towards a more unrestricted, open-ended mode of filmmaking, in which is a project with little precedent in scale or concept in either her filmography or the avant- garde. Her artwork represents an experimental act of formal and philosophical synthesis, in which challenges the conventional narratives of film and art history. According to the article, sh
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