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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 1104
Terri Smith

Cierra Thompson WGSS 1104 Reflection Paper0-0 04/04/17 My reflection paper is on the handout, Handout: “Under Construction”: Identifying Foundations of Hip-Hop Feminism and Exploring Bridges Between Black Second-Wave and Hip-Hop Feminisms by Whitney A Peoples (2008). This article identifies the sociopolitical objectives and strategies of hip-hop feminism, finds the points of commonality between generations of black American feminist, and traces the varied black feminist arguments regarding the relationship between hip-hop and feminism. This article explores the sociopolitical objectives of hip-hop feminism, addresses the generational ruptures that those very objectives reveal, and explores the practical and theoretical qualities that second- and third-wave generations of black feminists have in common. I found this article very effective because it gave me a better understanding on what Hip- Hop Feminism is. I believe this essay was also very effective to me because it helped me clearly understand the sociopolitical platform of hip-hop feminists and how that platform both affects and intertwines into the history and future of black American feminist thought. I f
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