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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 1104
Terri Smith

Cierra Thompson WGSS 1104 Reflection Paper 02/13/16 My reflection paper is on the reading “Images of “Woman”: The Photography of Cindy Sherman” (1983) by Judith Williamson. In this reading, she talks about the burden women must constantly deal with while picking out what to wear from their wardrobe because were defined by the outfit we decide to wear. We, as women, are constantly characterized by the clothes we decide to wear. In the reading, it talks about how what decide to wear expresses what type of person we are, what kind of personality we have, etc. According to the reading, it states,” You know perfectly well that you will be seen differently for the whole day, depending on what you put on; you will appear as a particular kind of woman with one particular identity which excludes others.” (Judith Williamson: 314) Overall, she’s stating that we, as women, constantly must face the choice of images and how we want to be seen each day. She also includes Cindy Sherman and some of Cindy Sherman’s artwork and photographs, such as her series of “Film Stills” and later “Untitled” photographs. Cindy Sherman is an American photographer and film director known for her conceptual self-portraits. Sherman works in series, in which she photographs herself in spectrums of costumes and different outfits. Judith Williamson states her opinion against critics who seen Cindy Sherman’s photograph series distu
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