Anthro2 Lecture #15 Notes: Language and Culture

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Jeffrey Hoelle

Native Culture “There are many humorous things in the world, among them the white man’s notion that he is less savage than the other savages.” -Mark Twain Codes of Chivalry after a bike crash • Men on bikes: ◦ Swearing ◦ Don’t look at each other or “It’s cool, bro” ▪ Sidenote: what is “bro” anyways? ▪ A call to kinship ties and bonding among strangers? ▪ A veiled insult? ◦ Ride away • Female Bike Crashes ◦ When women crashed, they were helped more often than men, and they accepted the help more than men ◦ NATURE/BIO PERSPECTIVE: If all humans have an equal capacity to perceive pain, wy help the women more? Why do they accept? ◦ NURTURE/CULTURE: gender norms about chivalrous men and delicate women Dining: How do the natives acquire sustenance in this setting? • Why so much food wasted at the dining hall? ◦ Participant observation identifies two styles of food acquisition: ▪ Settling: get large quantities and stay seated (mostly men) ▪ Hopping: get one thing and return for another (mostly women) Getting Ready • Function: if this ritual is built around getting ready, what is it getting you ready to do? • Behavior: females are more cooperative, men are more competitive during their pre game • Resources: females are more public, men are more private • Conclusion? ◦ Women get along and are happy, and men are stingy, dirty, and aggressive ◦ Men could be expressing their power that they don’t have to put effort into getting ready Baskets on Bikes • If biccle baskets are a useful object to have attached to a bike due to their function as an extra storage, then why are the majority of bicycle basket users female and how do we use this stereotype image of bicycle basket
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