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Lecture 13

MUS 112E Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Gesamtkunstwerk, Absolute Music, New German School

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MUS 112E

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Thursday, April 21, y
Wagner, The Ring Cycle and the Leitmotif
1. short theme or motive
2. connected to person, thing or idea
3. heard when referent appears for first time
4. may be sung to words expressing referent
5. repeated and transformed
Ring Cycle
-creates a motif from a melody for different characters
-continuous plot and form
Tristan Und Isolde
-involves a harmony that doesn’t fit in a roman numeral
-no real consonance or dissonance
-doesn’t really resolve at all until very end of opera
-music is tonal despite how atonal it sounds
Liszt and The Tone Poem
Liszt the Tone Poet
-retires from concert stage in 1848
-moves to Weimar
-Court Kapellmeister
-symphonic poems
-leader of “New German School”
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