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Lecture 14

MUS 112E Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Program Music, Gesamtkunstwerk, Eduard Hanslick

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MUS 112E

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Thursday, April 21, y
Opposition to the “New German School”
-Brahms was brought to German attention from Robert Schumann
-Retired from journalism
-Schumann states that he is the next Beethoven
-says that he should write symphonies despite him being a piano player
-all states in an article
-positions him as anti-Wagner and the next Beethoven for the rest of his career
Eduard Hanslick
-defined what essence of fundamental music is
-first university professor of music
-published “On the Beautiful in Music” in 1854
-is anti-Wagner text
-accepts split between music drama and program music and everything else
-states that music is derived and harmonically constructed from its structure and
nothing else
Chamber Music and Concert Life in the 1870s
-grows in Germany and Austria
-major museums and orchestras have been established
-Brahms puts off writing a string quartet for the longest time (until 1870s)
Brahmss piano quintet in F minor, movement 1
-4 movements
-one theme keeps getting extended as piece goes by
-all themes have similar rhythmic contour
-idea after idea after idea, not theme then transition
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