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Lecture 17

MUS 112E Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Mily Balakirev, The Mighty Handful, Modest Mussorgsky

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MUS 112E

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Thursday, April 21, y
Slavophiles vs Westernizers in Russia
-Tsar Peter I (the Great) brought western architects to Russia
-brought new administrative structure for the living and working people
-attempted a way to put people in boxes
-there was no way to put musicians on this table; no class for professional musicians
-98% of Russia are peasants and agricultural workers
Russian music According to Vladimir Stasov
-was an art and music critic and librarian
-wrote articles explaining what music ought to be
-argues that the first real Russian composer is Glinka
-Glinka learned to be an opera composer in Italy
-then came back to Russia
-Russian opera is about putting large architecture and lots of people on stage; lots of choral
singing with few solo singers
A life for the Tsar
-by Glinka
-about the struggle of the throne
-about the Tsar and christianity
-problem for an atheist nation
-group of soldiers sing together in triple dance meter
The Mighty Handful” (Big 5)
-Aleksander Borodin
-César Cui
-Mily Balakirev
-Modest Mussorgsky
-Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
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