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Lecture 10

MUS 17 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Crowdsourcing, Network Society, Afrika Bambaataa

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MUS 17

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Thursday, April 14, y
Remix Culture
Global Circulations
- discrete music-cultures- gamelan
- circulations of music between cultures- Fela
- hybrid genres- Bhangra
- remix and mashup
- sampling, intertextuality
- effects of historical chains of interpretation
- implicit: styles that borrow without addressing source
- explicit: styles that specifically address the process of mixing in homage/ parody/
Chain of interpretations: Mbube/ Wimoweh/ Lion Sleeps Tonight
- Solomon Linda, 1939
- The Weavers
- The Tokens
- Miriam Makeba
Remix: Bittersweet Symphony
- The verve “Bittersweet Symphony:”
- take sample from Andrwe Loog Oldham’s orchestral version of
- Rolling Stones “The Last Time” which borrows
- The Staple Singers “This May be the Last Time”
- Verve looses copyright lawsuit claiming that 100% of royalties belong to
Jagger/Richards who hold songwriting credit for “The Last Time”
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Thursday, April 14, y
Remix Culture 2
Remix vs. Mashup
- Remix
- intertextual continuity or coherence
- absorbing elements of text into one another
- a new “version” or interpretation or arrangement of an original text
- mashup
- intertextual tension or irony
- relating two different things by contrasting to reveal underlying relationships or
- a way to reveal relationships between musical settings, often a critique of social
- both are creative projects of media literacy and networked culture
- stressing agency of listeners- fusion of roles- makers and takers
- creative interpretations of music; history to create new cultural forms
- the art of creating associations
- a movement that extends to include all forms of media, including film, visual art,
especially new digital platforms
- media convergence
- “Configurable media”
- a “personalized” relationship with cultural circulations
- Sinnreich- erosion of artist/ audience binary
- a DIY socio-political movement
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