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Lecture #2 - Fridlund Slides

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Major Hindbrain Areas and Functions Pons and Medulla Protective reflexes Infant (pathological) reflexes Orienting reflexes Cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive reflexes Cerebellum Old (inner) cerebellum balance (linked to semicircular canals of ears and trochlear nerve that moves the eyeballs); damage causes cerebellar ataxia New (outer) cerebellum rapid automatic movements, timing of movements and thoughts Common Hindbrain Reflexes Cerebellar Ataxia Major Midbrain Areas and Functions Midbrain reticular formation General arousal Sleep / wake cycles Pain perception Superior colliculi (left and right) Visual targeting saccades (saccadic movements) Inferior colliculi (left and right) Auditory targeting Some Major Forebrain Areas and Functions Basal forebrain (hypothalamus & thalamus) Hypothalamus: Control of Pituitary gland >> thyroid, adrenals, bone growth Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), immune system Hunger, thirst, body temperature and induction of fever (pyrogens) Sexual orientation Reward and punishment Thalamus: sensory relay station Old cortex Limbic system complex reaction patterns (4 Fs) Basal ganglia background postural (axial) movements smooth pursuit eye movements regulation of foreground/ background thinking (disrupted in OCD) Epilepsy in Temporal Lobes (Complex Partial Seizure Disorder): Long-Term Personality Changes Overtalkative w/ compulsive writing Obsession with detail and meaningfulness of trivia Interpersonally viscous Hyperreligious w/ expanded sense of personal destiny Hypermoral Fetishism and sexual disinterest Two Diseases Involving the Basal Ganglia Parkinsons Disease Resting tremor Rigidity Slowed Movements Confusion Huntingtons Chorea Involuntary writhing movements Impaired speech/swallowing Staggering gait Depression, irritability Short-term memory loss Some Major Forebrain Areas and Functions (Contd) New cortex (neocortex) Complex perception Strategic movements Higher intellectual functions Social (Machiavellian) intelligence Neocortical Lobes and Some General Functions Occ
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