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Lecture #1 - Brain Philosophies, Size, and How We Study the Mind

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Is the brain also the mind? Psychology stemmed from other fields such as philosophy: - Monism - Physical & mental are one - - Idealism - All is thought, material world is an illusion, God is thought, we see ourselves as individual forms but the material world is all conjured up, lord berkeley was famous monist - Materialism - All is physical, many neuroscientists believe, all thoughts are chemical process of neurons & hormones which leads to a stream of causes and effects in your thoughts, reduce everything to physical & chemistry - Ex. Could change the wiring of the monist to change them into a dualist or any type of philosopher - Dualism - Physical and mental are different planes of reality, soul vs. body, reincarnation - - interactionism - soul and body are two different kinds, yet they interact, Renee Decarte, soul is informed by body & both tell each other what to do - psychophysical paralellism - once youre born your life carrys on predetermined path, and enacted by body, body and soul set on a journey and are attached but not one, soul goes on to heaven where body dies - Ex. Radio - hardware never changes but you can change volume & station etc. Who has big brains? - Approximately ~3 pounds - Taller = bigger, heavier brains; Males have bigger brains because theyre bigger - In animals: brain size & weight unrelated to intelligence - in humans: brain size & weight weakly relates to intelligence How we study the brain? - Clinical studies - human patients, majority of data found on brain - - Neuropathologies - - Cerebrovascular accidents - Strokes -
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