HAVC 141B Lecture 10: Class 10 - Dreaming Differently: Women Surrealists

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History of Art & Visual Culture
Kris Timken

HAVC 141B Lecture 10 542017 (9:5011:25) Announcements Monday, May 15 from 5:307:30, Oakes Learning Center o Conversation about campus climate and the recent flyers found 5.2 Dreaming Differently: Women Surrealists Keywords masquerade specular consumption identification Background First art movement that gave woman a chance to express themselves and question the status quo. Going back to o Painting: Hannah Hoch, The Beautiful Girl, 1920 Antiart that reveals any representation of woman as a sexual object is by itself a construction or a misrepresentation Picture: Claude Cahun, What do you want of me?, 1928 o Explore the boundaries of gender and identity, othering of self, doubling o Claude Cahun was born Lucie Schwob (Jewish queer activist) in France. Claude Cahun was more gender neutral Suzanne MalherbMarcel Moore o Her father (who was in the Surrealist movement) didnt let her into the group because of her sexuality. o Doubling = having a conversation with oneself, seeing yourself, feeling alienated, fragmented. Picture: Claude Cahun, SelfPortrait, 1928 o Historical context: at the time homosexuals were classified as the third sex
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