HAVC 141B Lecture 11: Class 11 - Degenerate Art

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University of California - Santa Cruz
History of Art & Visual Culture
Kris Timken

HAVC 141B Lecture 11 5112017 (9:5011:25) 6.2 Degenerate Art Announcements Tuesday (6.1) was the Midterm o You get 1 point free, since all three sections of the test were 33 pts. rd o Midterm scores will be unmuted on the 23 . The final will not be cumulative, all the keywords and images that will be tested on will be Week 6 and onward. o The final will be the same formatlength as midterm. Background Nazi party comes into power in 1932 They exert authority over German culture, censoring any nonAryan art. After 1936 Summer Olympics ended, Goebbels (Hitlers 2 in command) closed a wing of the German National Art Museum. Hitler saw the attack on modernism as an opportunity to spread his agenda on non Aryans. 1937, party launched the Entartete Kunst gallery, or Degenerate art. o It was phenomenally popular; it was also free o Its popularity was never matched by any other gallery in the history of modern art. o It consisted of modern art prior to 1933 o It decontextualized all the art, making it look crazy. o Each room featured a specific moral failing and had captions underneath as to why it was bad. o Meant to be a didactic experience. o This would be the last time most of the art would ever be seen. 1939, most art is burned in front of the Central Fire Department in Berlin 19101920, German art exploded o But it was considered elitist and weird by most people o Painting: Dix, Otto, Butchers, 1920
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