HAVC 141B Lecture 12: Class 12 - New York Modernism: Purity and “Freedom”

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History of Art & Visual Culture
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Kris Timken

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HAVC 141B Lecture 12 5162017 (9:5011:25) 7.1 New York Modernism: Purity and Freedom Keywords o Social realism o Socialist Realism o AvantGarde o Kitsch o Abstract Expressionism Meanwhile, in USA After WW1, US experienced economic boom (particularly New York) o Gave rise to movement similar to Futurism: movement and speed o Enjoying Jazz and Harlem: Jazz Age o Stock market boomed Photo: James Van Der Zee, Couple in Raccoon Coats, 1932 o Upperclass black couple o Challenging stereotypical views on African Americans Stock market crash of 1929: Black Tuesday o World GDP fell by 15. o 13 of nations workforce out of work o Severe drought Dust bowl Cartoon: Editorial cartoon, 1929 Photo: Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, 1936 o FDR New Deal meant to combat the Great Depression o WPA formed, at its peak it employed 3.8 people Started an arts program Also started the Farm Security Administration Dorothea Lange was hired by them to take pictures of the migrants to incite empathy and informmotivate people about rural poverty o This generation of documentary photography codified many of the standards of documentary photography
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