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Lecture 9

HAVC 141B Lecture 9: Class 9 - Surrealist Dreams: Freud and the Unconscious

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History of Art & Visual Culture
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Kris Timken

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HAVC 141B Lecture 9 522017 (9:5011:25) Midterm Prep Best Practices Slide IDs (11 IDs, 3 pts each: 1.5 for ID, 1.5 for answer) o Name (First and Last), Title, Date (+ 3 years) o 12 sentences, say as much as you can about the image: movement, style, context, influences, intent, etc. Keywords (11 keywords, 3 pts each) o Define in 12 sentences Essay Questions (3 questions, 11 pts each) (15 min each) o ~2 paragraphs addressing larger conceptual framework In 6.1 Module on Canvas, there is a study folder (that will be made available after Thursday). o Use visual content (artist, movement, or specific work) to aid your argument. You choose your own art pieces to aid your argument o Reference reading (otherwise youll lose 2 pts) o Youre not analyzing a picture, but answering a general question. Studying Flashcards o On front, put image or keyword. o On back, put all the info you need. Content from Weeks 15 are on the table. Read and Review Reading When you read you should be highlighting and taking notes in the margins (this is easy to do with Acrobat reader) This will make it easy to review key pointsconcepts. You will not need to quote directly but should understand the authors main argument. Review your own visual analysis Bring 34 Bluebooks
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