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Lecture 10

THEA 80L Lecture 10: 9th and 10th Lecture Notes

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Theater Arts
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Controversy over if Piggy was a girl or boy  Girl: a strong feminist ideals  Boy: Played by Frank with a Falsetto/breathy/sexy voice and is sexually aggressive Where does Comedy come from?  Darwin: Smile = teeth without the bite  Freud: Repressed psyche escapes through safety valve  Bakhtin: Revolutionary potential humor  Bergson: Human response to rigid and mechanical in life Henri Bergson  French philosopher or early 20th century  Wrote 3 essays on "Laughter"  Importance of comedy as teaching tool. Comedy teaches humans to be responsive, honest, and correct selves. It is a social and civilizing force in a mechanistic world  Comedy requires distance, can’t identify too much with the butt of the joke  Comedy is social. It belongs to the group and may not translate across cultures [unless it is element (body, sex, food, excretion)]  Laughter roots out the mechanical and returns us to elasticity  It is "dreams dreamt by the whole society" Differences with the old and new Muppet show  The premise  Less o
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