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Theater Arts

King Lear (continued) Main Plot and Analysis Act 1, Scene 1 Begins with Edmund, Gloucester and Kent Edmund has been away from the kingdom for 9 years, and is going to go away again Kent and Gloucester talk about the division of the kingdom they believe dividing the kingdom is very rash. Lear is planning to split the country into 3, giving Cordelia the biggest portion. Lear is foolish for making the division of the kingdom a love test because his older daughters are making empty devotions Lear is shocked that the King of France decides to marry Cordelia, because he thought that she would just stay outside the kingdom for the rest of her life acting as a symbol of what will happen if one disrespects him In giving his daughters his kingdom, Lear reenters the world as a child again, and makes his daughters his mothers Are Regan and Goneril so mean to Lear because he always treated Cordelia as the favorite, or did Lear treat Cordelia as the favorite because Regan and Goneril were mean to him? Are Regan and Goneril really the evil sisters? Modern people relate to the dilemma of the daughters of having to take care of an aging father part of why King Lear is so popular today Goneril and Regan questioning Lear as to why he needs 100 servants when they have everything necessary to take care of him Storm Scene Wind and rain and coldness of the heath a metaphor for how Lear feels after being abandoned by his daughters and losing his power example of pathetic fallacy Feels his children have been ungrateful Begins to come around and realize his blindness feels of guilty for banishing Cordelia, foolish for splitting up his kingdom begins to go mad under the weight of all these emotions Act 5, Scene 3 Cordelia is hanged audience must suspend their disbelief as dead Cordelia doesnt look as one should after being hanged
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