THEA 80L Lecture 7: Lecture 7-8 Notes

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Theater Arts

Lecture 10/20 Sesame Street Consider: • Ethnic Representation • Gender (Men being discriminated against?) • Politics • Pedagogy (How the teaching is represented- creating passive students who wait for the numbers?) • International • Consumerism issues (How much licensing has been done to the Muppets and Sesame Street) The Children's Television Workplace • Widely accessible medium such as television could teach large numbers of children at relatively little cost per child. • Sesame had a $8 million budget • Sesame had innovative magazine formats variety of types of segments, including puppet, animation, and live actions films • Research was huge for Sesame To test material directly with children. Material that was found appealing to children was included in the series if not, then was cut. • CTW = Children's Television Work • CTW brings together content experts, television producers, and educational researchers, who collaborate throughout the life of the project. • Gerald Lesser, was a professor at the Harvard School of Education who went to Sesame • Palmer developed a method known as the distractor method • To boost the appeal of the street segments, they included Muppets on the street and created two new Muppets expressly for this purpose, Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird • The assassination of MLK influenced Sesame • Sesame has aired in more than 140 countries • They taught letters and numbers but recent co-productions in Russia and Poland attempt to provide children with knowledge and skills they will need for their so
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