BIEB 166 Lecture 9 (WI13)

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Biol/Ecology, Behavior, & Evol
BIEB 166
James Nieh

Lecture 9 Filial imprinting = imprinting on parents - Imprinting: example of highly limited (critical period) open program 1. Critical period - Species-specific timing ○ Chicks: 5-24hours ○ Duckling: 13-16hours 2. Irreversible - No longer to recognize their "real parents" are their parents Hess: ducklings - They'd go after anything that move around (trigger them to think it's their parent) - Illustrate how open the variety of things they could learn Sexual imprinting = learning preferences for future sex partners at an early life stage 1. Critical period - Is more vague than the critical period of filial imprinting - Longer period of time to development this kind of learning 2. Irreversible 3. Sensitive period precedes performance 4. Supra-individual: animals prefer to mate with individuals that resemble their parents, not with their parents Klaus Immelmann: Zebra finch / Bengalese finch - Distinct type of finches that would not normally mate together 1. Filial imprinting experiment - Cross-fostered offspring preferred the foster parent species - They'd prefer the species that raise them - Must see and touch to be imprinted! 2. Mating preference - Zebra finch raised by Bengalese finch would prefer Bengalese finch Zebra finches - Painted beaks with different colors - Sexual imprinting experiment - Dad orange and mom red or vice versa - Courting males prefer females with the same color as mom - Females relatively indifferent (prefer males that sing more frequently) ○ May be healthier/stronger ○ Beak color is not important as other factors Why isn't sexual imprinting generally problematic?
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