Lecture 2 Ohm's Law

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Biology/Animal Physiol & Neurosc
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Laurie Smith

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10/2/13 Lecture 2  Ohm’s law: specific expression of general force flux relationship  Δ e = Δ I x R  In electricity, the charge carriers are electrons  In physiology the charge carriers are ions  e = V  it is v because electrical potential gradients are measured in volts  I =V/R ion ion  Something moves IFF there is a force and a pathway, otherwise there will be no movement. If either is lacking, there will be no movement  There will be a current if there is a driving force and a pathway  ion= V x g ion  g = conductance  g=i/R ion  it is the inverse of resistance  conductance is description of pathway  voltage is almost equal to the driving force  There is an electrical potential difference across the membrane of EVERY cell that is alive, due to the movement of ions across the membrane. This is the resting potential.  Including neurons, liver cells, muscle fibers, plant cells, bacteria, etc.  Membrane potential (V ) m  You measure membrane potential by taking an electrode and hooking it up to an amplifier, and you compare the electrical field inside the membrane vs. the outside  For a lot of neurons, the typical range is -65 mV  Resting membrane potential (V ) rest  Diffusion: not really a force, happens naturally, but it acts like a force  We don’t know what the pathways are, there could be pathways that permit the movement of some things and no other things  We haven’t really paid attention to the physical charge of the ions because the charge nature of the ions means that when they move they can set up
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