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Biology/Lower Division

5/2/17 lecture notes (7) Monday, May 1, 2017 9:55 PM Hydrogen atom = proton and electron What is NAD+ and NADH? NAD+ + 2e- -> NADH FAD + 2e- -> FADH2 By the time you get to oxidative phosphorylation,all the glucose is gone. NADH and FADH2 feed into oxidative phosphorylation Substrate level phosphorylation: - Some ATP is made by direct transfer of a phosphate group to ADP by an enzyme. What do cells require to sustain high rates of glycolysisunder anaerobic conditions? a) Functioning mitochondria b) Oxygen c) Oxidative phosphorylationof ATP d) NAD+ e) All of the above are correct Answer: D; don't need mitochondriafor glycolysis;it's in the cytosol. Oxygen and oxidative phosphorylationrequire oxygen and this is anaerobic. Which of the following statementsabout glycolysis is true? a) It splits water b) It produces FADH2 c) It occurs in the cytoplasm d) It makesthe most ATP compared to the two other steps e) It splits lipids Answer: C Which of the following statementsabout the citric acid cycle is true? a) It occurs during the movementfrom the cytosolthrough the mitochondrialmembranes b) It makesATP through substrate-levelphosphorylation c) It makesthe most ATP compared to the other steps d) It occurs in the eukaryotic cytoplasm e) It splits glucose Answer: B; it is driven by an enzyme catalyzed reaction Step 4: Anaerobic oxidizing agents: sulfate, nitrate, sulfur, fumarate. What we have left are our reduced electron carriers. Embedded in the inner mitochondrial membrane. H+ is being pumped into the space between the membranes. Drugs known as uncouplers facilitate diffusion of protons across the membrane. Brown fat can generate heat without ATP by using uncouplers. With an uncoupler, what
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