COGS 1 Lecture 4: COGS 1 Lectures 4 & 6: Split Brain & Understanding the Brain Through Language

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Cognitive Science
Mary Boyle

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Readings Split Brain Seeing the Brain Speak Ch. 1 pp. 67 Anatomy of the Brain Ch. 4 pp. 2728 Language corpus (body) callosum (big) major connection (bundle of fibers) between cerebral hemispheres corpus callosotomy surgery to remove the corpus callosum not all animals have a corpus callosum multiple hemispheres diversified functions Contributors: Joseph (Joe) Bogen Roger Sperry (won a Nobel Prize for this research) Mike Gazzaniga (Spokesperson) Left Hemisphere Where right visual field is processed Timing Dominant in Language Right Hemisphere Where left visual field is processed Quality Dominant in face recognition Planes of section Coronal can see the 2 hemispheres Sagittal down the corpus callosum Horizontal Orientation (2 axes) Dorsal : top of the brain, outerback of the spinal cord Ventral : bottom of the brain, innerfront of the spinal cord Anatomy Cerebral Cortex Frontal Lobe : decisions, motor movement, personality Parietal Lobe : spacial info Occipital Lobe : recognition of shapesobjects visual info Temporal Lobe : auditory, memory, emotion Cerebellum little brain Monday, January 23. 2017 Readings RadioLab Podcast Sign Language in the Brain Lost in Translation
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