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Cognitive Science

Cogs 101C Lecture 5: Language Development 41817 Language Development how do children develop language? does it happen in different stages? are there stages that they have to hit? do different aspects of language develop at different times? Methods in language development infants dont talk, cant ask how theyre thinking, what they know infants can also be temperamental sucking habituation paradigm: experimenters measure how quickly infants suck on a pacifier will suck more quickly in response to novel stimuli conditioned head turn technique: the researchers use reinforcement to teach infants to turn their heads whenever they detect a change in the stimulus preferential looking paradigm: researchers measure how long children look at different types of stimuli the children are presented with a visual and auditory stimulus that either matches or does not match, the preference is for them to look at the stimuli that matches Crosssectional studies: looking at children at many different ages, and compare them all to one another relatively quick to gather data from many time points across development huge linguistic variation between children even with the same age longitudinal studies: take children and track them through time, at different points during development provide detailed look at how language changes within an individual time consuming and participants may drop out Whats responsible for children learning language? whats innate? whats learned? Chomsky argued that the linguistic rules that children cannot possibly be learned by environmental input alone poverty of the stimulus this is because children hear degenerate speech children arent exposed to enough examples about what is grammatical and what is not is what young children hear really degenerate? Child directed speech (CDS) the name used to describe the particular speech that caregivers tend to use with young children often a simplified version of the language, making it easier to understand
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