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University of California - San Diego
Cognitive Science
Mary Boyle

Making Connections Anatomy Terms of direction:  Anterior/rostral  Posterior/caudal  Dorsal  Ventral  Lateral  Medial Planes of section  Horizontal  Sagittal  Frontal/coronal Membranes 1. Dura mater 2. Arachnoid membrane a. Sub-arachnoid space filled with cerebral-spinal fluid 3. Pia mater Cerebral Spinal Fluid NO ability to fight infections in the brain 4 ventricles transport CSF through brain Generated by choriod plexus at 3rd and 4th ventricles Travels throughout spinal cord and back up to arachnoid granulation where it is absorbed Development of the Central Nervous System Gyrus: a bump on the brain Fissure: large crevice in the brain Sulcus: smaller crevice *"fissure" and "sulcus" can be interchanged Anterior to the central sulcus is the primary motor cortex Posterior to the central sulcus is the primary somatosensory cortex The size of the area allotted to a body part in the cortices is not proportionate to the size of the part on the body…it is proportionate to the necessity of use Subtle differences between motor homunculus and somatosensory homunculus…there are
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