CSE 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Function Application, Double-Precision Floating-Point Format, Purely Functional Programming

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26 Jan 2018
Haskell - a typed, lazy, purely functional language
Statically-Typed - determined statically at compile-time
-everything has a type
-everything MUST make sense at compile time!
-unlike JS where undefined functions will NOT complain until you evaluate f(x)
Is JS typed? Yes, but at runtime (dynamically)
Why is this cool?
-Removes overhead! (8 million checks)
- Helps find bugs AHEAD of time (as opposed to @ runtime
- Important for security & safety
- Easier to optimize and write faster code
Functional - functions are first-class
-support for high-order, first-class
-Haskell programs are NOT statements; they are definitions (functions/values)
-meaning of programs centered around:
- evaluating expressions
- NOT executing instructions
Pure - NO side effects
Is JS pure? No - mutation (i++) is a side-effect!
Side-effect free:
- In a scope where x1,..,xn (vars) are defined, ALL occurrences of expression e (where
FV(e) = {x1,...,xn}) have the SAME value
Why is this cool?
- Algebraic laws: equational reasoning & optimizations
- Easier to think about - don’t need to worry if x changed after calling f
- Parallelism - evaluate expressions in parallel
Lazy - called by name
-don’t evaluate expressions unless result is absolutely necessary
Haskell is call by need
- You only evaluate an expression ONCE and cache the result
- Can you cache results in JS? NO (f might mutate! - no way of knowing)
Why is this cool?
- MUCH faster: only evaluate once
- Can define YOUR OWN control structures using functions
- If-then-else WAY easier
- Define infinite data structures (use omega)
Committee Language - unusually popular (most committee languages NEVER take off)
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