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1. Kitcher a. Argues that a just society will not permit insurance companies will not deny people the most basic healthcare regardless of genetic conditions; health care is a basic need, but what is it needed for? i. When people with serious genetic conditions are denied health care, their autonomy (appeal to this value), their ability to plan their life, is destroyed or seriously impeded. ii. Democratic values of autonomy generate a universal right to basic health care, thus a duty of society to insure that everyone has healthcare they need (hence the affordable healthcare act today). These rights are allowed for people to fashion their own lives, so long as it does not infringe on others. 1. These values take precedence than the insurance company’s desire to increase profit or the consumer’s desire to pay less for premiums or market freedoms. 2. When these rights are violated, society has a duty to protect those people. iii. Believes people are not responsible for these genetic conditions that limit autonomy, as opposed to smoking and overeating, things which people are morally responsible for. 1. Believes genetic conditions are a draw of luck and we are all equally susceptible to genetic diseases, a genetic lottery, that are pure chance that people have worse genes, creating a sense that we are all in the same boat. Thus, we must ensure that everyone has ACCESS to the same basic healthcare insurance. 2. Basic healthcare does not include cosmetic surgery, and are considered treatment luxuries for Kitcher. iv. Ex:Awoman is born with a mutant allele that confirms a high risk of cancer. She should not be declared uninsurable, for whatever she does, she carries the genetic risk.As a society, we a have a duty to protect her, and thus enforce equal healthcare, an opportunity that greatly increases her chances of a longer life. She should not be charged a higher premium if it undermines coverage for people like
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