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Dimensions of Culture

India.Arie Video (2001) Pronouns You, your video Society Criticizing participants of the system that hold preconceived notions of gender representation Corporations that make mainstream videos Those that exploit women and profit off of it I Women who are marginalized because they dont fit the standard, hegemonic beauty standards The song could criticize hip hop songs that define women I am India.Arie Meaning can change or take on new forms of meanings that were never intended by the writer Intentionality of the writer Female representation Defined by appearance but also by the choices women make Shave my legs, comb my hair Determined by the price of my clothes We cant analyze India.Arie, only the song NOT India Arie critiques INSTEAD the song critiques Historical questions that give rise to this song Consumerism The ideology of consumerism is central to capitalism The pursuit and acquisition of commodity goods and the relationship to class status, selfworth, and the worth of others Acquisition of goods BEYOND basic human needs He who dies with the most toys wins. Frank Sinatra Patriarchy, Sexism, and Consumerism In patriarchy, women are often represented as objects, commodities, or accessories An element of many forms of music and music videos No just hip hop Women are often represented as highly sexualized status objects that exist almost solely for male gratification, status, and power Intersection of consumerism and sexism Representations of Beauty Media and music play a role in socially constructing standards of beauty We consume messages when we watch media Socially constructed standards of beauty in the US are often racialized through ideology of whiteness This song redefines selfworth as learning to love yourself
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