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Dimensions of Culture
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Masters of War (2004) Pearl Jam Masters of War Authority to declare war rests with Congress Masters: implies power Hiding behind walls and desks Recent Historical Context (pre 2004) Pearl Jam cover Dylans song by Pearl Jam in most concert performances after the first Persian Gulf War and later, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Sept 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks on New York and Washington 2001 US declares war on terrorism Not a nation Launched an attack on an ideological formation Launches military offensive against Al Qaeda begin in Afghanistan 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom begins Ground war against Saddam Hussein begins The American public was concerned they were not going to war for altruistic purpose but for major deposits of war Tension America spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined Residual: military industrial complex Rouge One: Star Wars The empire may not necessarily be evil since they provide a lot of jobs A Star Wars Engineering Story (2016) Developing an outline The films plot is centered on an ethical dilemma faced by top scientistengineer, Galen Erso Should he design a weapon with the power to destroy entire planets, as his employers asks? Possible consequences to self? Family? Universe? Or should he design a flaw in that weapon that others could use to prevent its use? Can he be neutral in this matter? Developing an Argumentative Claim or Thesis in Outlines Paper prompt question How does the film engage with ideological formations its time period in which it was first produced? What evidence in the film best supports this claim? Working rough draft thesis
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