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University of California - San Diego
Dimensions of Culture

Rouge One: A Star Wars Engineering Story (2016) War and Technology Military Industrial Complex Informal alliance between nations military and arms industry involving supplies Connection between immense military establishment (political) and permanent arms industry (manufacturers) Foner Term originates from Eisenhowers 1961 Farewell Address Viewed it as a danger to freedom and democracy Militarism Ideology (Dominant) belief that a nation should maintain a strong military to protect its interests and to serve political goals Belief system that values war and the role of defensemilitary in resolving conflicts Foner Reading September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack Increased interest in national security and patriotism Blamed on Al Qaeda Headed by Osama Bin Laden Terrorism is motivated by a pursuit of political aims Targeting of civilian populations by violent organizations To create fear, terror Presidents Bushs War on Terror War on an ideological enemy U.S. invades Afghanistan Axis of Evil (2002) Countries: Iraq, Iran, and North Korea Harboring and developing weapons of mass destruction Not an alliance between the countries Tensions within U.S. society Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) War in Iraq Ground war against Saddam Hussein Weapons of mass destruction used as a justification Turns out to be a false claim Motives are questioned Iraq has a huge economic potential in oil
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