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Dimensions of Culture

Abbas ElZein Engineers tend to see themselves as neutral beings outside of ethical dilemmas Tools of industry who hold no responsibility Typically engineers are associated with the focus on the technical and managerial side of technology, but not the deployment consequences But Im just an engineer, basically Seen as working for the common good In the case of technology, the common good is progress Technology and progress are not synonymous Should engineers be held responsible for the useconsequences of the technologies they create? Engineering today is used mainly as a tool of industry Less intellectual and practical autonomy Engineers have less about how their technology is used Theyre just a part of the system Pushes for engineers to understanding the social complexity of their technology Engage more in social and political sciences Rouge One: A Star Wars Engineering Story (2016) Developing Outline of Paper Idea The films plot is centered on an ethical dilemma faced by top scientistengineer Galen Erso Unique perspective From an engineers point of view Typically war is associated with the ones actively fighting it Politicians, rebels Deep Context Leads to Rough Draft Claim There is a longer history of militarism in the U.S. The film engages with residual ideology of militarism Questions about the Paper Do I need to write about a different ideology in each body paragraph? What do your lyrics say? Start with one ideological formation and develop analysis in several paragraphs Add more only if your lyrics allow you to do so. Quality over quantity Do I need to mention dominant, residual, and emergent in my paper? Do you see references to dominant, residual, and emergent ideologies in your lyrics? How to Develop an Argumentative Claim for a Paragraph College writers use theoretical concepts to develop arguments and analysis Start with a key concept Such as emergent Ask question Does the song include emergent ideological formations?
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