DOC 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Crack Cocaine, Kalief Browder, Arizona Sb 1070

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7 Feb 2017

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13th Documentary
African Americans are overrepresented in news as criminals
“Super predators”
Even African Americans are adopting the hegemonic belief that African
Americans have criminal tendencies
They started advocating the same policies designed to keep
African Americans imprisoned
Crack = cocaine
The price for both is extremely different
Crack is cheaper than cocaine and thus more accessible to poor
African American communities
Crack will earn you a longer sentence than cocaine
Political focus
Nixon - social public health focus
Reagan - focus on criminality
Clinton - adopts a position that is “tough on crime”
Shapes hegemony
Racial Formation of African Americans
Super predators, criminals
Targeted by law and police
Legislature designed to keep them locked up for years without
Minor traffic violations allowed police to target minorities for car
Media and structural adjustments
“Violent crime and its fear is crippling society”
It is the government and media that drove this fear into American
Crime Bill
Costs $30 million
Judges are required to give up impartiality and instead give out
sentences without parole
Militarization of states
Built in infrastructure of mass incarceration
Criminalized movements like the Black Panther Movement
Additional Key Terms for the Film
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