DOC 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Compulsory Sterilization, Racial Hygiene, Eugenics

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11 Feb 2017
DOC 2 - Gagnon
DOC Discussion
Compulsory sterilization typically done on those who are:
Mentally ill
Intellectually disabled
Physically handicapped
Motive for USA/Germany of eugenics: create best being, save money used on
taking care of these people
Began in the early 1900s-1970s
30 states adopted laws
60000 and sterilizations
Prohibited marriages
Segregated thousands in colonies
Began in 1933-1959
300000-400000 people
US Reasoning:
Purify the bloodline
Wanted blonde-haired, blue-eyed, tall people
Raceologists drew the standard
German Reasoning:
Racial hygiene
The prevention of lives not worth living
Those who could not work and contribute to society
Those who could not recover
Prevent the contamination of the gene pool
The US
Sterilized people for hereditary dementia and insanity
Prisoners were sterilized
California led the nation
9782 people sterilized (mostly women)
Passionate, sexually wayward, ‘oversexual’
Sonoma - abnormally large genitals
California was the epicenter of the eugenics movement
Before WWII: ½ of sterilizations took place in CA
After WWII: ⅓ of sterilizations took place in CA
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