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Electrical & Computer Engineer
ECE 15
Alon Orlitsky

1. What’s the Course About a. C is the most powerful multi-purpose programming language, most poplar, and the basis for C++, Java, and other languages. b. Modular Design – The concept of breaking tasks into components, implementing each, then combining. 2. The Process and Components of C a. Operating Systems i. They oversee computer operations ii. Interface the computer, peripheral devices, and human interaction. iii. ECE 15 is going to use the UNIX operating system. 1. The prompt “>” means the OS is ready for the next command. An argument must be made with the command, e.g. “rm copy.out” would remove the file copy.out. a. ls – lists files in current directory b. more – more details about files c. rm – removes files d. cp – copy’s and renames e. mv – moves and renames
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