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Lecture 4

HUM 2 Lecture 4: 2a: Cities and Civilization

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Nancy Caciola

Cities and Civilization 1. A Tale of Three Cities a. Troy, Carthage and Rome a.i. Carthage is the only city appears with vividness a.i.1. Troy already destroyed a.i.2. Carthage led by female a.i.3. Rome, Aeneas’ destination a.ii. Urban Life a.ii.1. Very Important a.iii. Cities → place you want to be b. “How fortunate are those whose walls already rise” Aeneas b.i. Aeneas does not care about the idealized country life b.ii. What makes Carthage attracting is that it is a CITY b.iii. Walls refers to the entire city as an object b.iii.1. moenia = wall in latin b.iii.1.a. The wall that encircles the entire city b.iv. Capsule summary of a city 2. The City and the Countryside a. Vocabularies a.i. Civilization (English) a.i.1. Civilitas (Civilized) a.i.2. Civitas (City) a.i.3. Civis (Citizen) b. The only true life is in city b.i. Wide range of food, clothings, consumer goods b.ii. Going to amphitheater b.iii. Socialization with wide range of people b.iv. City provides more complex human interaction that makes human truly civilized c. Vocabularies c.i. Urbs (City) c.i.1. Urbanitas (Cultured, sophisticated, English “Urbane”) c.i.2. Sub-Urbs (Suburbs, area immediately around a city) c.ii. Pagus (Countryside) c.ii.1. Paganus (Country-dweller, an unsophisticated person; Later: A follower of traditional Roman religion) c.ii.1.a. Deal with plant and animals d. Set of idea about the joy of countryside d.i. Luxury house in countryside d.ii. Roman recognized the joy of countryside, but do not want to live there 3. Life in a Roman City a. Roman Pantheon a.i. Originally a temple to all the Gods a.i.1. Once was a church, now is a museum a.ii. Interior of Dome a.ii.1. Extraordinary construction technology a.ii.1.a. With tools they had in their
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