LIGN 130 Lecture 5: W3L5

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LIGN 130
Ivano Capronigro

Semantic Data Intuitions ● Can be reduced to one intuition: truth conditions ○ Truth/False and Truth Conditions ■ Speaker’s intuitions about a declarative sentence being true under certain conditions will be presented more precisely and formally as the set of all possible worlds ○ Synonymy ■ Two sentences that are true in all and only the very same worlds ○ Contradiction ■ Two sentences for which there is no world in which they are both true ○ Entailment ■ Sentence X entails sentence Y if in any world in which X is true then Y is true as well Truth Conditions v. Truth Values ● Knowing the truth conditions of a sentence can occur without knowing the reality ○ Truth values can be determined when you know about the reality ○ Different sentences trigger different groupings of possibilities ○ A sentence is true if the real world in in the set of worlds the sentence refers to ● Synonymous sentences share the same truth conditions and truth values ○ Same grouping of possible worlds ○ (1) U (2) = (1)
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