LIGN 175 Lecture 5: W3L5

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LIGN 175
Marc Garellek

Quantitative Sociolinguistics The assumption We assume that language has variation and that the variation is graded, or affected, by internal and external factors We measure the variation that occurs Chisquared test The method Find the dependent variable and the different variants Example: verbs of quotation He said, he was like, he went, he goes Say, be like, go, be all Define the envelope variation All the different variants that exist Count every single instance that occurs, no exclusion You can choose specific variants to compareanalyze afterwards You can exclude it after the fact Principle of accountability You must explain if you choose to exclude data You must gather all of the data first before choosing to exclude any Must explain exceptions Examine effects of independent variable Regional Language Variation Dialect Geography Study of linguistic variation as defined by regions Also called dialectology Early dialectology Focused on lexical differences Problem: sound changes are more gradual and permanent than lexical differences which oftens tends to be generational Telsur Project: NA English dialects Informants predominantly nonmobile older rural males (NORMs) Women are thought to be the drivers of linguistic change At the time, it was entirely sexism motivating the focus on NORMs Rural: less influence from outside the region Large cities not examined Viewed as perverse Concentrated mostly on the eastern half of the US Eastern side was colonized first More English speaking people for longer on the east coast
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