LIGN 175 Lecture 9: W5L9

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LIGN 175
Marc Garellek

How do linguistic changes advance over time? ● Generational change ○ The change is most apparent in the youngest generation ● S-shaped curve ● Adolescent Peak ○ The youngest group may be using discord market like infrequently because the people they are being exposed to are the older cohort ■ The two younger cohorts will eventually start to resemble each other How can we study language Change? ● Apparent-time Analysis ○ Looking across different age groups at the same moment of the time ○ An apparent-time analysis may actually underestimate the rate of change, if individual speakers actually change in the direction of the community as they age ● Real time study ○ Longitudinal study ○ Opposite of apparent-time ● Trend study ○ You’ll get representative individuals from a social group ■ Representative sample of the population ■ The sample may change and be different at different points of time ● Panel study ○ You have to follow the same people for a long time ○ A lot of people may drop out of the study ■ Hard to keep a large sample ■ Few participants How do vowels come to be pronounced differently? ● Garde’s Principle ○ A merger in vowels is irreversible in linguistic means ■ Hard to catego
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