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Making of the Modern World
MMW 11
Matthew Herbst

Empires of the Near EastImportant DatesMonday November 4 2013251 PMImportant PeopleTodays TopicsAssyriaBabyloniaLecture Topic Empires ReturnAssyrian Empire 9th7th cTerror and IronUnited Mesopotamia fertile crescent and EgyptAssyrian kings project themselves as powerful in their tall upright stern statues and appear rigid as if they stick to protocol look far off and clasp a weaponImposingThe messageLots of Assyrian artSponsored by royalsAssyrian military machineMost organized of ancient Near East so farHas iron weaponsPsychological terrorUndermine challengesAlso keep subjects in mindImpalementBeheadingWomen and children enslavedCattle takenHunt lions depict the kingNo fear shown in artCome from uplands land of AssurCapital at NinevaTribute people flock to NinevaStrategies of controlConqueredYoke of Assur directly controlledVassals not directly controlled but still subjectStipulationsConsequencesIsrael challenged Assyria and thus were deported throughout the near East disappear from historyJonahSent to NinevaThey repentNahumWriting after Assyria fallsBabylonian Empire Week 4 Page 1 Babylonian EmpireFrom Egypt to Persian Gulf into LydiaJudah was also exiled but did not disappearHad a sense they were doomed but it was a planExile only lasted 50 yearsCyrus comes from modern IranFated hero threatened in childhoodDied in battlePersian empire covers far more than any other empireRoad buildingTradeSoldier mobilization c vvv24 satrapies governed by satrapsKept in line by very sophisticated spy serviceHad a courier servicePersian is not a Semitic language instead of using this they switched to Aramaic common near eastern languageFostered local authorityRulersReligionLocal lawAfter exile allowed to go homeProphet known as second IsaiahDecrees that Jerusalem will be inhabited again for God is in controlCyrus is also an anointed one rightful oneZoroastrianismZoroasterZarathustraBorrowed iconography from AssyriansBabyloniansChief beliefsMultiple divine beliefsChief divine figures are Ahura Mazda goodlight and Angra Mainyu baddarkPrimeval human coupleRitual purityWar for human soulsHeaven and HellResurrection of the deadLast judgmentSaviorSummaryAfter the lecture summarize the main points of this lecture topic Week 4 Page 2 Beyond EgyptImportant DatesWednesday October 23 2013251 PMImportant PeopleTodays TopicsKushNubiaCarthagePhoeniciaLecture Topic KushNubiaoSouth of the second cataractoNubians can be found in Egyptian artoEgyptNubiaTradegold ivory ostrich feathersththNew Kingdom 1611centuryEgyptian controlBuilding temples dedicated to Egyptian godsEgypt begins withdrawing when sea peoples come and Nubia becomes autonomous againInfluenceAfter Egypt withdraws and Nubia risesoNubians write in Egyptian language and scriptoBuild temples to Egyptian god AmonWere they worshipping this god as the Egyptians did or did they merge that idea with their own religionoAdopt Egyptian iconography and architectureththIn the 8century Nubia invades Egypt and establish a dynasty 25Capital at NapataTake over Egypt but not to change Egyptian cultureoSay they are called by gods to helpthTaharqa 7C BCEMost powerful of the Nubian kings of EgyptNubians and Assyrians are taking over Egypt at the same timeoNubians withdraw and abandon Egypt in fear of AssyriaoWith Assyria in control to the north Nubia moves capital to MeroeththPast the 4and 5cataractsBetter connected on trade routesBetter agricultural possibilitiesAfter this move begin to write in their own language in a new nonEgyptian scriptPhoenician and Punic Cultureothe purple peopleCame from a snail with which they made dyesoLocated in modern LebanonoThe dye was very colorfastsunlight made it more brilliant it did not fade itVERY labor intensiveWorth its weight in silver Week 4 Page 3
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