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Making of the Modern World
MMW 13
Edmond Chang

Week Four Outline Lecture Ten—Europe’s Quest for Trade Key Focus of Lecture: 1) Motives behind the European push for exploration 2) Why incremental development of this process? I) TheAppetite for Spice --a) Major Breakthroughs in late 15th century ----i) 1488—the Portuguese pilot Bartholomew Dias rounds the Cape of Good Hope cape of good hope:southernAfrican continent important to comfire that there was a maritime route to India ----ii) 1492 Columbus sails across theAtlantic from the Castilian colony on Canary Islands comfident that impose the expediture mission: find a shorter route to Indian, cross theAtlantic ------(1) Outer islands of Cipangu or new continent? first thought he arrived at the line of Japan second voyage comfired that it was a new continent ----iii) 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas tready signed between spanish and portugese 1493, theAlex VI negotiated the argreement between spain and portugal that by drawing the line about a hundred mile, grant portugal trading and exploratory right;west of the line belongs to spain important: give the right of Brazil to Portugal at that time set different right including trading and exploring to these two maritime powers ----iv) 1498 Vasco da Gama reached Calicut continue the sail up to east ofAfrica coastline --b) What motives had led to these breakthroughs? ----i) Extend Christendom to challenge the spread of Islam the desire to spread Christianity--suppport ------(1) Prester John myth--a Christian moner to the east hoping to make contact with Prester John to bring about Christian and try to convert Islam Gama carried a letter with him from Portuguese moner address to Prester John in case he found him Gama for the most parts, find spice, also found Christian, but not the Christian that they were hoping to find ----ii) Glut of young Portuguese nobles without land lower rank nobles---grant no promising future for them find lands and claim that land for them own ----iii) Trade incentives--find reliable access to spice trade --c) The Demand for Pepper and other Spices pepper dominate the trade during that time spice fromAsia through the middle east to the venice--charge high prices Portugal tried to find alternative route ----i) Conspicuous consumption and social class late medieval period, spices became the clear marker between wealth and social status in Europe Conspicuous consumption: consuming the spice for food but making spice visiable, because demonstrate wealth more for show give as a gift---giving spice on the wedding ------(1) Pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon as “status symbols” and “emblems of power” e.g. when u are invited to the dinner, the spicer the dish, the more respect the h
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